Outcomes Positive for CBD in Preliminary Trials in Parkinson’s Patients

A research group from the school of medicine at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, published discussion of results from a series of CBD (cannabidiol) trials in human patients with Parkinson’s disease in the March 16, 2020 Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry. Three studies were discussed: an open label pilot study on Parkinson’s patients with psychotic symptoms, a case series of Parkinson’s patients with REM sleep behavior disorder, and a randomized double-blind trial of CBD vs. placebo in patients without dementia or other psychiatric conditions.

While all three studies indicated positive results, including reduction in psychotic symptoms, reductions in REM sleep behavior disorder, and significant improvements in quality of life, all three studies had very small sample sizes and limited follow up. However, the studies provide a significant basis for moving forward with large-scale Phase III & efficacy trials to conclusively determine that CBD should be included as a recommended drug for Parkinson’s control.

This timely research comes as CBD use in the United States, with US CBD sales in the neighborhood of $3 billion in 2019 and global demand by 2026 projected at some $90 billion by market research firm Global Market Insights. Hrishikesh Kadam of GMI notes:

“Surging popularity of cannabidiol among boomers along with ongoing research and development into its potential health benefits will augment CBD market forecast. More and more boomers are adding CBD to their health regimes to help reduce stress and anxiety, get better sleep, and alleviate chronic pain. Increasing awareness towards the safety and efficacy of cannabidiol products will drive future CBD industry trends.”
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