Hemp Oil -- A Potential Antifungal for Your Dog?

A thesis paper presented at the 8th International Conference of Young Scientists for Advance of Agriculture organized by the Scientific Academy of Lithuania indicates that there may be some significant value for hemp seed oil as an antifungal treatment for Microsporum canis, the most common fungal infection found in dogs, and sometimes cats and humans.

In this study, ozonated hemp oil was used as an in vitro control for studying the inhibition zone of 4 commercial drugs (clotrimazole, terbinafine hydrochloride, enilconazole, and olamine piroctone) and 3 alternative fungal products (rose geranium, Charmil Plus and aloe vera), outperforming 1 of the commercial drugs (olamine piroctone) and all of the alternative antifungals. It was particularly noted that ozonating the hemp oil resulted in a low pH (acidic) product, which likely explains some of the antifungal qualities of the product.

As an effective alternative antifungal treatment, ozonated hemp oil offers significant potential advantages, including the lack of side effects generally ascribed to conventional antifungals and the inability of pathogens to develop a resistance, which is an increasing problem for conventional commercial veterinary drugs.

Both hempseed oil and CBD hemp oil products are beginning to emerge in the pet market today, although no hemp oil product has yet been approved for use by companion animals by the FDA.

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