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About the Brand

Bolivar Hemp Company was years in the making, starting with a dream, and then bringing that dream to a reality in December 2018 during our soft launch with 9 products and two lines.  The logo and branding are inspired by the revolutionizing way hemp and phytocannabiniods such as CBD can work towards creating a healthier lifestyle, especially self-care as a part of a total health and wellness program.


The products in the Bolivar Hemp Company's line are all-natural high-quality ingredients.  We use only the finest ingredients, sourced from nature and manufactured in GMP compliant facilities.  We are a distinguished hemp phytocannabinoid company that strives to help people feel and look their best using only the finest elements found in nature matched with advanced botanical science.

About Me, Founder and CEO, Bolivar Hemp Company


Cannabis is my passion, and that includes Cannabis sativa L., otherwise known as hemp. I “officially” became involved in Cannabis 18 years ago when I moved to Colorado in 2001 from Northern Virginia as a "medical marijuana refugee," leaving a growing lucrative career in technical recruiting for high-level government contracts and dot-com companies to help my ex-husband cultivate cannabis for himself and medical early medical Cannabis patients.  From there, I met my mentors who were involved in the passing of Amendment 20 and we helped shepherd patients and caregivers through a not-as-of-yet regulated medical marijuana industry, helping to register thousands of patients and matchmaking them with caregivers whom we taught to grow for medical purposes.


Through the years I have worked in the cannabis space in multiple capacities.  I had one of the first dispensaries in Colorado pre-regulations, consulted in communications, business development and cannabis business compliance.  In 2015, Sensi Magazine recognized me as a Colorado cannabis industry pioneer for my early years of blazing a path for what would become a multi-billion dollar industry.  Cannabis, and hemp, encompass my life's greatest passions, as does helping people be their best selves, including self-care.  Having a hemp topical and skincare line is my way of being able to once again work directly with consumers while revisiting my other passion, high-quality skincare.


I also have a background in cosmetics.  To supplement my income during the years I was caregiving for medical marijuana patients, I worked for Origins Natural Resources as a representative, learning about the value of plant-based skin care.  I also started a business as a freelance makeup artist and had performance teams and hair stylists as clients.  I also became a makeup artist on both Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier makeup and skincare line, further rounding out my experience.  I knew then that Cannabis and skincare were a good combination.  I myself get complimented on my youthful skin and it is because of being vigilant with my skincare regiment and want to now combine my experience to provide high-quality hemp-based skin care to consumers.

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