What is hemp muscle rub?

Bolivar Hemp Muscle Rub is a smart way to rub and soothe away the daily grind with 300mg Hemp Extract per bottle.

What does hemp muscle rubs do?

"In the 19th century cannabis was one of the secret ingredients in several so called patent medicines. There were at least 2000 cannabis medicines prior to 1937, produced by over 280 manufacturers." Wikipedia

Bolivar Hemp Co's scientifically developed hemp-based moisturizing lotion, hydrates cells, stimulates blood flow, soothes muscles and joints.



  • Apply topically as needed to soothe muscles and joints

  • Apply before and after workouts

  • Avoid contact with eyes

  • Do not ingest

  • Keep away from children


As seen on national media, Larisa Bolivar has helped lead and craft the current cannabis markets with a focus on compassionate use legislation, consumer awareness, protections and market growth.


Bolivar Hemp Co brings reliable and healthy hemp lifestyle products to the those in search of an alternative to over the counter pharmaceuticals. Embrace the revolution today.


Bolivar Hemp


Work and play can often lead to muscle soreness.  

Add all natural hemp muscle rub to your daily routine.


Relieve muscles and soothe your body while supporting American hemp farmers.

Apply topically as needed. Use before during or after daily chores or workouts. Wonderful addition to anyone on the go - that wants to keep going.  


All natural American farmed and processed hemp.

80ml muscle rub template drop shadow_edi
80ml muscle rub template drop shadow.png

80ml/2.7 oz all natural topical muscle rub and hemp oils.

Hemp Muscle Rub
2oz muscle balm.png

2 oz of healthy healing and muscle relaxing hemp massage balm.

Hemp Massage Balm
80ml relief gel template2.png

80ml/2.7 oz all natural topical soothing relief cream. Enjoy the healing of hemp oils.

Hemp Relief Cream