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Body Lotions

Bolivar Hemp Co's scientifically developed hemp-based moisturizing lotion, hydrates cells, stimulates blood flow.


All natural healthy elements of the hemp plant with essential oils, herbs, extracts.


Bolivar Hemp Body Lotions are non-greasy fast absorbing formulas that hydrate and rejuvenate skin daily and are freshly scented with natural essential oils.

Complemented with 250mg CBD Hemp Extract per bottle.

  • All Natural, No Dyes Added

  • Enriched with CBD, Vitamins A, B, C, E, K and Oleic Acid

What is hemp cream?

Hemp has been harvested for thousands of years. Hemp cream is derived from the most valuable part of the hemp plant: the flower.  Like all essential botanical oils, hemp begins with seeds, soil, water and sunshine. After months of growing and blooming, the flower is harvested, trimmed, cured then extracted.  Finally, the essential hemp oils are blended with all natural complimentary ingredients. 

What does hemp cream do?

Historically, hemp oils have been part of holistic & homeopathic treatments. "The early Chinese surgeon Hua Tuo (c. 140-208) is credited with being the first recorded person to use cannabis as an anesthetic." Wikipedia



  • Apply topically as needed to soothe muscles and joints

  • Avoid contact with eyes

  • Do not ingest

  • Keep away from children


As seen on national media, Larisa Bolivar has helped lead and craft the current cannabis markets with a focus on compassionate use legislation, consumer awareness, protections and market growth.


Bolivar Hemp Co brings reliable and healthy hemp lifestyle products to the those in search of an alternative to over the counter pharmaceuticals. Embrace the hemp revolution today!


80ml/2.7 oz all natural topical muscle rub and hemp oils.

Hemp Muscle Rub

2 oz of healthy healing and muscle relaxing hemp massage balm.

Hemp Massage Balm

80ml/2.7 oz all natural topical soothing relief gel. Enjoy the healing of hemp oils.

Hemp Relief Cream

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